Published Pieces

The pieces I have published, categorized in reverse chronological order.

Significant Lists

List of the New York Film Festival Main Slate selections.
A semi-exhaustive list of films and their aspect ratios.

Seattle Screen Scene

Participated in The Frances Farmer Show podcast episode on SIFF 2017: Part 1 2
Participated in the 2016 Year in Review: Part 1 2 3 4

The Film Stage

My Rotten Tomatoes profile.
Contributed entries on Caniba and Manhunt for this Fall 2017 festival preview.
Contributed entries on Wonder Wheel and Thelma for this Fall 2017 releases preview.
Transcribed this Todd Haynes interview at Locarno.
Transcribed this William Oldroyd interview about Lady Macbeth.
Transcribed this Demetri Martin interview about Dean.

Brooklyn Magazine Film Section

From the Other Side
In the Heat of the Sun
Hi, Mom!
Meek’s Cutoff
The Devils
The Keep
Contributed to the Ten Best Music Moments of 2016.
Contributed to the Ten Best Scenes of 2016.
Contributed to the Ten Best Performances of 2016.
Days of Being Wild
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
The Battle of Algiers

Scarecrow Blog

The 89th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees
Paris, Texas (and Harry Dean Stanton)
The Straight Story

Muriel Awards

The Battle of Algiers
Lily Gladstone in Certain Women


Helped program and wrote catalog descriptions for the experimental shorts program at the 2017 Local Sightings Film Festival.

Other Lists

List of the New York Film Festival Spotlight on Documentary and Projections selections.
List of the New Directors/New Films features.
List of the Locarno in Los Angeles features.

Miscellaneous Important Links

The Title/Trailer Cards Twitter account, which I curate.
My YouTube page.
Alternate Letterboxd account for capsules.