2021 Festival Dispatch #1 Show Notes

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The first 2021 festival dispatch of the Catalyst and Witness podcast, devoted to exploring the films and format of the New York Film Festival, hosted by Ryan Swen. This covers the first week of the 2021 New York Film Festival, and features guests Forrest Cardamenis, Soham Gadre, Susannah Gruder, and Patrick Preziosi. (Edo Choi was also on the call but could not be included due to technical difficulties.)

0:00-34:08 – Part One
34:09-1:11:09 – Part Two


  • Hosted by Ryan Swen
  • Conceived and Edited by Ryan Swen
  • Guests: Forrest Cardamenis, Soham Gadre, Susannah Gruder, Patrick Preziosi, Edo Choi
  • Recorded in Los Angeles, New York City, and New Jersey on Sudotack Microphone and MacBook GarageBand and Audacity and Zoom Recorder, Edited in Audacity
  • Podcast photograph from Yi Yi, Logo designed by Dan Molloy
  • Recorded October 1, 2021
  • Released October 5, 2021
  • Music (in order of appearance):
    • Our Beloved Month of August
    • Poison
    • The Souvenir

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